MS1P e.V.

Molecular Simulations from First Principles e.V.

Molecular Simulations from First Principles e.V. - MS1P

Expertise in Electronic Structure Theory

We are a nonprofit association promoting education and basic research in computational materials science and engineering (including biophysical research). Our areas of expertise are electronic structure theory and numerical simulations of molecules and solids. We support scientists, research institutions, and the field as a whole through the following activities:

  • Organization of community events such as scientific workshops, meetings, seminars, and conferences, dedicated to presenting and discussion the latest research results and scientific trends in materials science and related subjects. Additionally, we organize summer and winter workshops for undergraduate and graduate students as well as early-career postdocs, covering the field of computational material science and engineering.
  • Development and licensing of FHI-aims - an academic community code package for electronic structure based simulations of physical and chemical properties for molecules and solids.
  • Support of scholarships and of special awards for scientific excellence (PDF).
  • Note that MS1P does not pay overhead and administrative costs associated with any research awards that it funds.


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